The Centre for Economic Research

More than half of a century, Faculty of  Economics in Kragujevac have positioned itself  as a respectable institution,  in scientific, research and consultant sense. As a high-educational institution, Faculty enables staff in the fields of General economics and Management, offering  the opportunity for bachelor, master and doctoral studies’ enrollment. Throughout  its scientific and educational activity, Faculty strives to build up leading position in the country and region, giving its contribution to the development through education of economists and managers, as well as through impelling scientific and research work within fundamental and applied  research. Today, there are 80 professors and assistants working at the Faculty, and there are more than 3 800 students.

In striving to put the cooperation with economy at higher quality level, in 2008 Faculty of Economics created the Centre for economic research. Basic task of the Centre includes organizing and providing professional consultant service.

In its programme the Centre offers following types of education:

  • Marketing:
    • Marketing skills
    • Client concern
    • Market research
    • Positioning of a brand
    • Creation of promotional campaigns
  • Management
    • Strategic and business plan
    • How to become successful manager?
    • From idea to profit
    • Leadership
    • Team work
    • Projects management
  • Human resource management and communication
    • Motivation of the employee
    • Compensational system
    • Business communication
    • Presentational skills
  • Finance and accountancy
    • Finance for beginners
    • Analysis of financial reports
    • Managing cash and demands
    • Credit financing
    • Controling
  • International business dealings
    • Stock exchange
    • Customs
    • Export business
    • Internationalization of business
  • Skills and knowledge in computer science
    • Web marketing
    • Excel, Word, Acess...
    • ECDL-international sertificate in IT skills
    • Usage of data bases in business

The centre offers the types of education adapted to specific needs of business users which are designed in cooperation with clients. The types of education are organized at the Faculty of Economics, in Kragujevac, and, if necessary, our consultants can hold trainings in clients’offices (in-house trainings).

Concerning consulting field, the Centre for economic research offers to its clients the following:

  • The help in developing strategic plans
  • Development of qualitative business plans
  • Evaluation of company and capital’s worth
  • Development of pre-investment and investment studies
  • Creating of promotional strategies
  • Market research
  • Offering professional advice on development of corporation image
  • Financial report analysis and tracking of financial performance
  • Development of compensational systems
  • Project writing for various purposes and aims.

Appart from the mentioned fields, the Centre for economic research  will adapt its capacities  according to specific demands of its clients, so as to improve overall business deals.