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Purpose of study program

Undergraduate academic studies in Economics and business management in English language

The Faculty organizes teachings for undergraduate study programme in Economics and business management in both Serbian and English language. The groups are separated, although they both follow the same curriculum. The study program lasts four years (8 semesters), and cosists of 240ECTS in the field of humanities, resulting in a Bachelor of Economics degree.

The objective of the study program is the education and training of experts for jobs that require basic knowledge in the field of economics. The outcome of the learning process is in accordance with the law that establishes the national qualification framework so that the graduate student possesses academic and professional knowledge related to theories, principles and processes including evaluation, critical understanding and application in the field of economics and business management. In this way, a graduated student will be able to solve complex problems in non-standard conditions, apply successful communication skills in interaction and cooperation with others from different social groups, as well as use equipment, instruments and devices that are relevant to the mentioned field.

There are seven modules within the study program: Economic Policy and Development; International Economy and Business; Finance, Banking and Insurance; Management; Marketing; Tourism and Hospitality and Accounting and Business Finance. The choice of modules is made after the first year of study.

Enrollment of candidates is done on the basis of a competition announced by the University of Kragujevac and conducted by the Faculty of Economics. The conditions for enrolling in the study program and other most important elements of the study program and the study regime are prescribed by the Statute, the Rulebook on the Faculty's study rules and the Rulebook on student enrollment in the study program of the University of Kragujevac. Students should carefully analyze requirements for enrolling study program in English language.

Active teaching is realized through lectures, exercises, consultations, mentoring. It is realized through constant contact of students with teachers and associates. Lectures, exercises and consultations are held every week of the semester according to the schedule.


The purpose of the study programme Economics and Business Management

The purpose of the Economics and Business Management study program, at the level of undergraduate academic studies (Bachelor studies), is to profile knowledge and competence in the domain of economic policy and development, international economy, marketing, management, tourism and hotel management, accounting and business finance, finance, banking and insurance. The emphasis is on combining and harmonizing macro and micro approaches, combining and harmonizing comparative, international, national, sectoral, branch and business approaches to the study of modern economic disciplines, topics and problems.

The Economics and Business Management study program follows dynamic changes in the environment, meeting the needs for new competencies, knowledge and skills required for economist graduates, in order to successfully perform work in companies, financial institutions, the public sector and other profit and non-profit organizations.

The program continuously monitors modern achievements in the field of quantitative and qualitative microeconomic and macroeconomic analysis. The modern teaching program provides the education of economists, experts in planning and analysis of complex economic systems, financial experts, experts in economic policy at the level of individual economic branches (industry, agriculture, finance, etc.), trains them for international finance, for consulting jobs, for work in both private companies and public companies, as well as for their own entrepreneurial ventures.

The purpose of the study program is to prepare students for complex economic practice according to internationally recognized standards, as well as for further education and professional development. In addition to the creation of competent educational profiles, in accordance with the requirements of the labor market, the purpose of this study program is to prepare students for further training in master and doctoral academic studies in the field of economics and business management.