Undergraduate Academic Studies requirements

A student is obliged to attend lectures and exercises and to complete assignments as determined by course syllabuses during winter and spring terms.


Taking exams

There are following exam terms: January, April, June, September, and October.

A student takes an exam immediately upon completing classes over a course. Students are entitled to more than three exam attempts. After three failed attempts students may require taking their exam before an exam board.

Exams may comprise a written and oral part, of either of them.

Orals are taken by students who have passed their written test.

Students’ performance is rated and expressed in grades 5 (five) to 10 (ten).

Students’ grade is based on their pre-exam performance, in practice classes, in mid-term tests, term papers, and in other forms of instruction.

An exam is public and students take their exams before exam boards and in faculty’s facilities.

Written exam results are published on the website.



A study programme proscribes mandatory courses for each year of studies. At the beginning of the school year students opt for a number of electives for that academic year.

Students who gain 60 ECTSs are entitled to have their studies funded out of a state budget, provided they are on the list of students who fulfill requirements for such support (this applies to citizens of the Republic of Serbia). 

Enrollment in the following academic year is conducted between 15 September and 10 October.

Students who achieve the grade average of at least 8.5 (eight and a half) are entitled to completing their studies within a course of time shorter than that of  other students’, provided they have not repeated any year of studies, and provided that they have passed all their exams by the end of October term.

Students lose their status when they graduate, when they withdraw their documents from the Faculty, or when they fail to renew their enrollment in the following year of studies.


Final paper

The study programme on undergraduate studies envisages that students should complete their studies by submitting a final paper. The number of credits assigned to this paper corresponds to the number of credits necessary for completion of studies.

The manner and the procedure of submitting and defending a final paper are proscribed by the Standards for quality assurance of the Faculty.