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Competencies of students

Competencies acquired within this study programme

 By completing the Economics and Business Management study program, the student acquires the following general abilities:

  • ability to think logically, formulate assumptions, draw conclusions in a formal and formalized manner;
  • ability to lead complex projects independently and with full responsibility;
  • ability to communicate at a professional level, team work - organization, control and training others;
  • ability for professional advancement and the manifestation of a positive attitude towards the importance of lifelong learning and personal and professional development;
  • ability to follow and understand contemporary trends, both in the profession and in the social environment;
  • ability to analyze and evaluate various concepts, models and principles of theory and practice, application of knowledge in practice and improvement of existing practice;
  • ability of critical and self-critical thinking and approach;
  • ability to present the results of this/her work;
  • ability to solve problems even in non-standard conditions;
  • ability to respect professional ethics.

Competences that the student acquires upon completion of the study program of undergraduate academic studies in Economics and Business Management refer to: the adoption of methodological, quantitative and qualitative scientific disciplines that provide insight into the real assumptions of economic development and economic-theoretical analysis; mastering the skills necessary to perform highly specialized, managerial and analytical tasks from a very broad area of ​​macroeconomics, microeconomics and economic development; understanding the nature and characteristics of banking business and the ability to analyze and solve financial problems; the possibility of professional communication with the market and EU institutions, as well as with the immediate economic environment; solving complex problems of organization and management, using literature in accordance with the need to expand own knowledge; combining acquired theoretical and practical knowledge and skills in order to analyze and solve concrete economic problems; understanding relationships in the broader context of economic, environmental and ethical issues.

Students will also possess subject-specific, i.e., professional competencies that are specified in more detail in the description of the learning outcomes of the modules within the Economics and Business Management study program.

By completing the undergraduate academic studies, the student is issued a diploma confirming the completion of studies and the acquisition of the academic title of backelor of economics in accordance with the law.