The Centre for Lifelong Learning

The Centre for lifelong learning at the University of Kragujevac has been established within Tempus project „Development of Lifelong Learning Framework in Serbia“ whose apparatus is the University of Kragujevac. The Centre for Lifelong Learning works on the creation of organizational and institutional conditions for involving the University of Kragujevac into the field of Lifelong Learning, as well as for connecting The Centre with other university centres for lifelong learning in Serbia. Concerning the fact that learning throughout the whole life represents one of the priorities in knowledge-based society and economy, it is necessary to open education towards the widest population in order to answer, as good as possible, to the chalenges issued in the process of globalization. Among other things, the Centre has the mission to bring about the partnership between all relevant stateholders: state and its apparatus, company, local communities, educational institutions. By organizing round tables, conferences, and related manifestations, the Centre for Lifelong Learning, at the University of Kragujevac, introduse social dialog and by the research of employer demands for new kinds of knowledge and skills at the labour market, organizing courses, workshops and trainings it directly motivates individuals to constantly develop and gain new and applicable kinds of knowledge.

The Centre for Lifelong Learning at the University of Kragujevac is placed at the Faculty of Economics, office E-6. More deteailed information on Tempus project and the work of the Centre can be found on the web site