Enrollment requirements

Notification concerning enrollment requirements for the Year I (2011/2012) can be found following this link:


A person who has completed at least 4 years of secondary education can be enrolled into the first year of undergraduate studies.

A foreigner can be enrolled following the same rules and procedures as a citizen of the Republic of Serbia.  A foreigner may be enrolled upon submitting a proof of language of instruction proficiency.

A person who has completed a secondary or higher education abroad must have their diplomas and certificates nostrified before submitting them to the enrollment committee.

An applicant to the first year of studies should take an entrance exam. The entrance exam comprises two electives offered by the Board of Faculty, following its decision regarding the selection of electives. The order on the list of successful candidates is determined following their GPA at secondary school and the achieved results in the entrance exam. The enrollment is carried out by certifying the documents (originals) as determined by the competition.

A student who has started their higher education at another institution may continue their studies at our Faculty. They should submit a request for continuation of their studies within the terms of enrollment into the next year of studies. The year of their enrollment will be determined following the recognition of the exams they have passed at another institution, as determined by the rules and procedures of enrollment.

Notification concerning enrollment requirements for the Year II, III, and IV (2011/2012) can be found following this link: