Postgraduate Acadedemic Studies (Master’ degree)

In accordance to the need of modernizing curricula and study programmess in line with Bologna process requirements, with the aim of entering the unique European higher education area, as well as with requirements of modernising studies and harmonizing them with legislative and business requirements of the world around us, the Faculty of Economics of Kragujevac University has started organizing master and doctoral postgraduate courses.

Following comprehensive preparatory activities, the Faculty of Economics designed new curricula and study programmes, based on cutting edge teaching practices, latest procedures of monitoring of the teaching, examination, and evaluation processes.  The Faculty of Economics completed the process of harmonizing its curricula with the Law on higher education and the Bologna process. This was validated by accrediting master and doctoral studies in the spring of 2008.

The first generation to attend accredited master and doctoral academic courses was the generation of 2008/09.

In line with the Decision of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Serbia, the Faculty of Economics organizes master academic studies in the following study programs :

  • Study programme in ECONOMICS and

The Faculty of Economics enrolls 90 students in the study program in Economics, and 120 student in the study programme in Business economics and management. Both graduate study programmes enable students to gain specific knowledge and skills through selecting specific modules.

Students opting for the study programme in Economics are able to acquire knowledge in the field of general economics within the Module of General Economics, as well as in the field of finances, stock exchanges and banking, within the Module of Finances, Stock Exchange and Banking.

The study programme in Business economics and management enables students to gain knowledge relevant to the following specific areas: accounting and business finances, within the Module of Accounting and Business Finances; tourism management, within the Module of Tourism Management; marketing, within the Module of Marketing; international management, within the Module of International Management, and electronic business, within the Module of Electronic Business.  

In accordance with demands of contemporary academic system of education, contents of both study programmes, within all modules, are conceptualized following the same principle. Students may earn 60 ECTS, and each module comprises 3 mandatory courses and 2 electives, a research project, and an MA thesis. By defending their thesis, students earn the academic title of Master in Economics, or in Management.