Doctoral Academic(PhD) Studies

In line with the Decision of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Serbia, the Faculty of Economics organizes doctoral academic studies for 30 students per year.

The purpose of this study programme is to contribute to further development of scientific areas of macro-economics, business management, accounting, and business finances. Within the doctoral study programme in Economics, we aim at contributing to enabling students to conduct individual and original scientific and practically relevant research of phenomena and problems in macroeconomics, business economics and management. In this way, we endorse critical thinking development achieved through deepening and enriching their overall theoretical, methodological, and applicative skills. By gaining specific knowledge, students are enabled to critically evaluate the scientific work of others, but also to apply critically complementary scientific tools and instruments in order to conduct argumented and practically validated research.

Students are enabled to individually conceptualize and creatively solve theoretically and practically relevant problems of the contemporary economic science and practice, through valid conceptualization, development, and defense of their doctoral theses.

The study programme in Economics enables students to acquire relevant knowledge in the following areas of macro-economics, within the Module of Macro-Economics; business management, within the Module of Business Management; accounting and business finances, within the Module of Accounting and Business Finances.

Students may earn 180 ECTS during the course of three years. The study programme comprises 2 mandatory courses and 5 electives, completes papers, and research projects, and doctoral dissertation. By defending their thesis, students earn the academic title of Doctor of  Economics.