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Objectives of the study program

Objectives of the study program Economics and Business Management

The objectives of the Economics and Business Management study program, at the level of undergraduate academic studies, are focused on the education of experts whose competencies will be general knowledge with a broad and versatile insight into practical tasks within the framework of economics and business management. The student should be able to recognize, formulate and analyze problems in the field of economics and business management, which means that the student must develop an analytical and creative approach to solving practical and theoretical problems. This general objective and orientation of the program are gradually and hierarchically realized depending on the elective module, cycle and level of education. On the other hand, the objective of the program is to provide students with the necessary competencies to perform economic and analytical work in companies, institutions, profit and non-profit organizations, both domestically and internationally.

The study program provides students with the acquisition of basic theoretical and practical knowledge in the areas of: economic analysis at the macroeconomic and microeconomic level of economic policy, economic theory (modern economic theories, methodological procedures of economic analysis), macroeconomics (macroeconomic aggregates, macroeconomic models, macroeconomic analysis, economic growth and development), microeconomics (functioning of labor, goods and capital markets, formation of prices in market structures, business behavior of companies, financial institutions, etc.), economic policy and economic system (institutions of market economy, instruments and methods for creating economic policy, the influence of various economic system mechanisms and institutions on economic development), acquiring knowledge and skills in the field of strategic management; acquisition of basic knowledge in the field of marketing as a market-oriented business philosophy (understanding of the concept and strategy of modern research, creation, planning, monitoring and control of market success based on the principle of the business philosophy of marketing); acquisition of basic knowledge in the field of management (understanding, analysis and solving current problems in managerial practice; application of various tools and techniques of effective management, understanding of concepts, techniques and tools used in planning, organizing, leading and controlling international business processes; understanding the impact of global, legal, sociocultural, ecological and ethical influences of the international environment on the company's operations); acquisition of theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of accounting and auditing (application of accounting and auditing methods, techniques and procedures in business practice; mastering the techniques of functioning of the accounting system, mastering accounting methods for the realization of business combinations, consolidation methods, analysis of financial reports, techniques, creation of a business plan , application of auditing methods and procedures for analyzing the functioning of the internal control system; expanding knowledge in the field of accounting systems of a specific nature such as accounting in trade, tourism, banking, insurance companies), acquiring knowledge in the field of tourism and hotel management.

By attending the study program, the student acquires knowledge and skills in the field of economics and business management, which should make him capable of working individually, as well as in a team, to solve specific problems in the aforementioned field. After the end of the first cycle, the student can decide to build a career through the acquisition of concrete business experience, as well as to continue his studies at master academic studies.

Within the Quality Assurance Strategy, the Faculty of Economics of the University of Kragujevac has defined basic tasks and objectives, with which the objectives of the Economics and Business Management study program are fully aligned.